The Write Stuff

Coming soon: a novel! One chapter—or essay—at a time (4/23/2018)

To give you just a little history of me….I have always loved to write.  My first novel attempt was in third grade, in Mrs. Hanes’ class at Paul Keyes Elementary in Irving, Texas.  It was called “The Day The Sun Went Out.”  (How cheesy is that??)  But after I showed it to her one Tuesday afternoon, she asked me to read it to the class after lunch period the next day, Wednesday.

Now every Wednesday, Mrs. Hanes’ husband—W.T. Hanes, who at the time was the head of the Irving School District—came to the school to have lunch with her.  We’d all met him, so it wasn’t that weird that he came back to our class with her after lunch.  So Mrs. Hanes asked me to read the first two chapters of my “novel” with her husband sitting next to her.  (They were a wonderful couple—looking back they remind me a lot of George W and Barbara Bush).  So, ever the ham, I got up and read—emoting, playing to the audience, but really trying to sell it.  (Remember, this was third grade.  I am thankful there were no video cameras or iPhones back then!)

The class laughed in the right places, clapped at the end, and I bowed and took my seat.  Shortly thereafter Superintendent Hanes came by and kneeled by my desk and said “Billy, that was pretty impressive for a third-grader!  I sure hope you keep writing.  Please let me or Mrs. Hanes know how we can help you!”

As a kid I didn’t realize how incredible of a vote of confidence that was.  It took me years to have the “WOW” moment of realization!  But now, for many reasons, it’s time for me to write.  So the plan on this tab is to publish my novel, still in progress, one chapter at a time.  But here’s the cool thing I want y’alls help on:  let me know how you want me to change characters, plot, or anything else. This could be a new way of producing a novel—almost like a “crowd-sourced” book!  I hope you’ll join me.

First chapter will go up on here in about a week.  So come back.  You’ll want to be part of the crowd!