Hey, thanks for finding my website!  Stay a spell and look around.  There is something here for everyone who remains among the living (with a healthy nod to those who we’ve lost!).  You’ll note there are six tabs each with something different:

  • Tab 1—My Life. That’ll be this page, and the first non-site-map piece will go up in exactly one week.  It’s about just the crazy, funny stuff that happens in my life—believe me, a camera crew should follow me 24/7.  It’d be like a cross between “America’s Funniest Videos” and “Modern Family” with a healthy dose of “The Amazing Race” thrown in.    Seriously!  Content will be updated frequently so bookmark me and come back a LOT!
  • Tab 2—Food From the Heart. True confession:  I’ve been a foodie all my life.  I came by it naturally, as my aunts, uncles, and grandmother were all fantastic cooks.  And I was fortunate enough to be given the recipe collections of both my mom *and* my grandmother (Nannie, whose real name was Dollie Sue.  For real.), so I’ve got the historical cred.  But after watching the greats on television such as Julia, Jaques, and a local favorite, David Wade, I learned that no recipe is sacred.  We can change them up, or even come up with our own.  Come to this tab when you want to get hungry, get inspired to cook, or just find something awesome that will astound, and satisfy, your friends and family!
  • Tab 3—Behind the Badge. You’d have live in a cave somewhere to have missed how controversial the profession of Law Enforcement has become, and not always deservedly so.  As the father of a Police Officer I’ve heard the stories, both good *and* bad, and am drawn to read them whenever I see one in the media.  Here both my son and I will be presenting the good, AND the bad, of this frightening, complex, dangerous, and always important profession.
  • Tab 4—Gaming. Get your game on!  Written by my husband, this will become your source for all things gaming—from board games to RPG games to casino games to gaming conventions.  A little GenCon blow-by-blow, anyone?
  • Tab 5—Mature Travel.  Ready For Takeoff! I love to travel, and always have.  And as I have gotten older the best ways to travel have changed–I’m not a back-packer anymore.  Hell, my idea of roughing it is staying in a Holiday Inn instead of a Hilton or a Hyatt!  This page will concentrate on how to do it right—and note that “right” doesn’t always mean “cheap.”  If you’re on vacation sometimes you can splurge a bit on some things while saving on others.  It’s all about the how, and I’m going to SHOW you the how–and how to deliver on the WOW!
  • Tab 6—The Write Stuff.  Make no mistake, I love to write.  And I have lots of stories in me, which I’m eager to share.  On The Novel I’ll send one chapter a time as I finish them then invite comments.  (Legal notice, though:  y’all won’t get bylines.  😊)

So that’s what’s on the site.  We’re happy with it, just as we’re happy with life.  Come along on our crazy, careening, satisfying journey with us!!!  Remember, new content on this page in just a few days.  As they said in the closing creds of “The Beverly Hillbillies”, “Y’all come back now, y’hear?”

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